About us

The objective of the Tatton Garden Society is the promotion of Science and Research in Horticulture and Botany for the benefit of its Members. It does this through providing lectures and garden visits.

The Society also maintains and cultivates The Lovell Quinta Arboretum  in Cheshire,  as a Botanical Garden for the growth and propagation of trees, shrubs and plants.

President:The Viscount Ashbrook
Vice President:Lady Bromley Davenport
Chairman:Professor D. Skidmore
Hon Secretary:Mrs J. Eaton
Hon Treasurer:Mr A. Miller
Activities Coordinator:Mr C. Hurrell
Lectures organised by:Mrs J. Eaton
Administrator:Mrs S. Baron
Marketing:Mrs S. Walker
For press enquiries, please call 07980211151 or email sara@sarawalker.co.uk
Curator, The Lovell Quinta Arboretum:Mr R. Taylor

Registered Charity No: 500606
RHS Affiliation No: 10566205

Benefits of membership include free entry into The Lovell Quinta Arboretum at Swettenham, free entry into Tatton Gardens, private garden tours, reduced car parking fees, discounts at selected garden centres, society plant sale, lectures and more.